The story behind Oksana's claim of Timothy Dalton testifying against Mel Gibson

January 21, 2016
Oksana Grigorieva offers claimed that will Timothy Dalton ended up being willing to testify in their alleged domestic violence case against Mel Gibson.

But not enough people realize story behind why Oksana Grigorieva is actually making this claim, and your way Oksanas (false) domestic violence claims against Mel Gibson really are generally a repeat in the domestic violence claims your woman additionally created against Timothy Dalton at one time.

Oksanas attempts for you to involve Timothy Dalton in her legal battle with Mel Gibson raises several extremely important questions inside look at all that has transpired in the Mel Gibson - Oksana Grigorieva legal drama since Oksana 1st made which claim.

Is this true, or was this ever correct that Timothy Dalton, ( the particular father associated with Oksanas teenage son) had been ready to testify against Mel Gibson?If it had been accurate in June 2010, can it be nevertheless accurate now, because involving the fact that Dalton offers the appearance associated with attempting to distance himself coming from all associated with the drama surrounding the Mel- Oksana legal battle, as well as Oksanas numerous, along with well-documented lies?

In an e-mail from Oksana Grigorieva in order to Eric George proven in RadarOnlines website, Oksana outlines the extended listing of evidence your woman expended a new number of weeks assembling so as to construct (and hopefully prove) a domestic violence case against Mel Gibson almost all associated with that has been completed following your fact.

Oksana Wanted Dalton in order to Testify so The Girl Could get your self a better Deal

In this set of so-called "evidence," Oksana claims in which Timothy Dalton, and her facialist, Mady, would testify for you to traversing in order to a bruise on her eye.

But Oksanas declare raises a number of additional questions:

First of all, will be Oksana referring towards the exact same bruise depicted in the pictures proven on RadarOnline, that get been deemed by simply experts in order to are already doctored or photoshopped? Why didnt Lucias pediatrician discover these alleged bruises when Oksana took child Lucia inside to acquire a routine exam your day after the alleged domestic violence occurred? NOTE: Dr. Nussbaum has already filed an affidavit with the court stating she observed absolutely no injuries in order to Oksana, or to infant Lucia, (whom Oksana claimed has been additionally injured within the alleged domestic violence incident) Oksanas photographs of the alleged injury to always be able to child Lucia were furthermore deemed by simply experts to be fake.Why didnt Oksanas dentist, Dr Shelden, discover this alleged bruise on Oksanas eye when your woman visited him to get the girl damaged veneers ( documented as well as ) repaired? As Well As why perform dentists pictures display zero proof of such a bruise?

Oksanas intent ended up being to have Eric George, the actual attorney which negotiated the woman's $15 million offer witl Mel Gibson, to be able to reopen the particular negotiations consequently your woman might use the particular concocted evidence to hit Mel up for even more. Observe 15 Million was Not enough pertaining to Gold Digger Oksana Grigorieva

But Eric George refused to be able to bite. He may possess sensed which there ended up being clearly something fishy relating for you to this wealth regarding evidence against Mel Gibson, which in turn suddenly appeared, and also chose to again off. Notice Your GENEROUS Economic Supply Oksana Reneged about within Hopes of Extorting Mel Gibson regarding More

Oksanas Hastily Concocted Domestic Violence Case

During Georges negotiations about Oksanas behalf, Oksana in no way mentioned anything regarding domestic violence in the hands regarding Mel Gibson (which the girl alleges happened within January 2010) until 6 months later on when others shared together with her that will if any kind of domestic violence have been involved, she could get gotten far greater than $15 million from Mel.

So Oksana proceeded in order to develop a domestic violence case against Mel. Oksana confided in her ex-bodyguard, Kris Herzog, that she was going right after Tiger Woods money.

On the foundation associated with Oksanas newly developed (false) evidence of domestic violence via Mel Gibson, she attempted to obtain Eric George in order to reopen your negotiations. Yet George made a decision to give it a pass. Oksana and also Mel had previously signed your $15 million offer George negotiated, therefore his task was done. see Oksana Grigorieva Getting Sued through Her Lawyer within the Mel Gibson Case

It might also have occurred in order to George only from that point, which Oksana has been wanting to manage a scam, and the man didn't want to be involved. Notice Is Actually Mel Gibson Guilty involving Domestic Violence? Prior To be Able To Selecting To Say Yes, Examine your Facts

This might have prompted Oksana Grigorieva to adopt matters directly into her really own hands. Notice Oksana Grigorievas $10 million Extortion Plot against Mel Gibson Backfires

Oksana Accused Timothy Dalton of Domestic Violence Similar To she Accused Mel

Oksana once accused Timothy Dalton regarding the same kind of domestic violence associated with that the lady has become accusing Mel Gibson.

In October 2010, TMZ reported the L.A. County Sheriff's Departmenthad in its possession an e-mail Oksana sent Mel accusing Timothy Dalton associated with physically abusing her.

Oksana made these claims involving domestic violence against Timothy Dalton around the same moment the girl complained for you to Mel Gibson in which Dalton had not been the woman's paying adequate youngster support with regard to their teenage son.

NOTE: Dalton pays Oksana $2500 inside month to month kid assistance with regard to his Alexander, his 14 year outdated son, in contrast towards the $20,000 monthly kid assistance Oksana receives from Mel for infant Lucia. Discover Could That Get Been FAIR in order to increase Mel Gibsons Child support to Oksana to become able to $20,000 the Month? as well as the TRUTH concerning Mel Gibsons Child Assistance and Just How Much He REALLY Pays Oksana

Obviously this was some thing Oksana had completed before, together with favorable results. Consequently the lady decided to check it out again.

Undoubtedly, Mel Gibsons lawyers will not hesitate to use Oksanas e-mail to point out out the actual proven fact that Oksana made up domestic violence claims against Timothy Dalton, when your woman wanted much more little one support money through him, the identical approach the girl suddenly came forward using domestic violence charges against Mel Gibson.

TMZ reported that as far as they could ascertain, Oksana by zero means lodged any formal domestic violence grievance against Dalton, or offered any evidence of abuse on Dalton's part. (Its highly feasible that unlike Mel Gibson, Timothy Dalton caved throughout in order to Oksanas demands before things reached that point. )

Dalton's Tap dancing around the actual Issue associated with Domestic Violence Raises Suspicions

Upon mastering of the existence of Oksanas incriminating e-mail in order to Mel Gibson regarding Timothy Dalton domestic violence, TMZ called Dalton with regard to comment.

Dalton , who never personally made a statement, called Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz. Horowitz made the following statement, supposedly in Daltons behalf.

"Dalton stated he spoke with Oksana plus they both agreed that will anyone claiming there had been clearly abusiveness in the relationship is truly a liar plus it can always be a total fabrication."

Again a range of concerns are raised:

Why maybe it was essential for Timothy Dalton in order to consult Oksanas lawyer prior to making any comment? Had Been it because Dalton was well-acquainted along with Oksanas propensity for telling lies, and wanted to produce positive his story matched hers, therefore as to not embarrass himself?Why the certain wording in Horowitzs statement he spoke together with Oksana, and they both agreed? That sounds suspiciously similar to they most collaborated on which Dalton ought to (or shouldnt) say.Why would Horowitz result inside the higher than statement, because of the fact that the actual L.A. County Sheriff's Department previously had an e-mail within its possession in which contradicted what he, Dalton, along with Oksana said? was Horowitz not aware of this incriminating e-mail? did Oksana forget, or simply just not really bother to inform Horowitz which shed once made these claims within an e-mail for you to Mel?

Horowitz actually place himself, his popularity and the credibility on the line by making the next comment concerning Oksana telling Mel Gibson and the lawyers that will Dalton has been abusive to her.

Horowitz said,

"That is actually a total lie. I challenge anybody generating this claim to demonstrate their face. This specific is surely an attack in Oksana and also Tim's son, simply because this can be likely to damage him simply by false allegations that his father is a loser the way Mel Gibson can end up being a loser. Tim Dalton is not Mel Gibson. He's any fine human being."

NOTE: Inside Horowitzs defense, he had just signed on with Oksana as certainly one of your ex actually changing roster of lawyers shes had 40+, thus far. Notice Oksana is Toxic - another Lawyer Quits at the Worst Feasible Period Consequently Horowitz may not need recognized yet, regarding his customers track record of riding roughshod more than your truth, misrepresenting facts, as well as telling outright, as well as boldfaced lies.

Dalton, regarding his part, provides held a minimal profile all through the complete Mel Gibson Oksana Grigorieva legal battle which in turn puzzles many onlookers whom believe that Dalton ought to step inside and remove Alexander, his teenage son, from this toxic environment.

Some speculate that Dalton is many likely seeking stay from Oksanas range of fire, having seen the actual viciousness regarding your ex smear campaign against Mel Gibson. Notice Oksana Much More Interested inside Badmouthing Mel Gibson compared to in Custody associated with Infant Lucia

Oksana can be Caught within An Additional Lie

In an announcement to TMZ Oksana said,

"Tim is a great father. We have a excellent relationship. Any Kind Of implication which he actually struck me will be untrue. "

Either means anyone take a look at it, the particular statement higher than proves (once again) in which Oksana is a liar. Notice Sifting Via Oksana Grigorievas Domestic Violence Lies

Either Oksana lied in order to TMZ when your woman said Timothy Dalton never struck her. or the lady lied to end up being able to Mel Gibson and the lawyers concerning Timothy Dalton, when she mentioned he bodily abused her.

Which is it? Properly probably never know. Notice 11 Must-Read Posts about Mel as well as Oksana pertaining to people who Want in order to Recognize the actual TRUTH

Given the above information, how likely can be it, with just about all of that has transpired since then, that Timothy Dalton will truly testify against Mel Gibson when the domestic violence case visits court?

If Dalton can testify, given the fact that inside the past he were required to consult along with Oksana as well as her attorney before commenting consequently they can make certain he understands things to say, how most likely could it be which any kind of testimony through Dalton will really be believed?


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